Evidence-Based Learning at School

Academy for In-service Teachers Training and Personnel Development

alp_logo_transparentAkademie für Lehrerfortbildung und Personalführung

On behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of Education the Academy for In-service Teachers Training and Personnel Development is coordinating and undertaking most activities in this field for teachers of all types of schools and subjects in Bavaria. Besides a wide variety of 3 or 5 days training courses the academy offers special studies for further qualification in fields like guidance, media pedagogic, German as a secondary language, etc. These courses are increasingly accompanied and supplemented by different online activities like e-sessions, moderated online seminars and blended learning courses. A second branch of the academy is guidance and training for administrative and leading personnel on all levels of school administration, surveillance and evaluation. To support all these activities the academy maintains a wide range of online services like the Bavarian Information Server for schools and teachers, Moodle-based online-courses, online-communication, databases, various home sites and e-learning environments.

From its beginnings in 1971 the academy turned its attention to European and international cooperation. Besides a partnership with China (university of Shanghai) collaboration with all European countries and school authorities always has been in focus. Socrates and Comenius projects have been performed and supported constantly.

The academy was partner in a Comenius Regio project for the second time. Whereas many experiences have been gathered in exchanges of foreign language teachers, political and social education, geography and history, evidence-based learning has been a new field of European collaboration for the academy. Therefore it supported the project with all its experience and logistics.

Role in the project:

The Academy for In-service Teachers Training and Personnel Development was one of two supporting partner organisations of the project in Bavaria. It supported it by sharing its experience to execute a successful Comenius Regio project, by organising project meetings in Bavaria and visits in the partner region, by supporting the documentation and evaluation of the project and the publishing of the results.