Evidence-Based Learning at School



The school is located beautifully in the middle of a quiet residential area in the north of Sundsvall.Hagaskolan has approx. 650 students from preschool to year 9. The building is renovated, bright and airy. The school has approx. 75 employees. The teaching staff is complemented by school nurse, counselors, guidance counselors, caretakers and school kitchen staff.

Our school is based on evidence and proven experience. We work systematically and long term school improvement. All teaching staff are involved in the process.

Role in the project:

The school was the main place of personal encounter and practical work. This was realised by:

  • Collaborating with the German partner school via internet and personal meetings
  • Informing the visiting groups about the school’s profile and goals
  • Preparing and showing lessons with the focus on evidence-based learning
  • Using digital media and ICT such as Android tablets to support the evidence-based approach