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Videofeedback with Jing

Feedback is mentioned as one of the most effective learning strategies in the studies of John Hattie and Robert Marzano. It is crucial for the learning process to give the students a response how his knowledge and competences have been developed during the learning process. This might by done by a formal feedback technique, e.g. a test, or by a formative feedback on the learning product the student has delivered.

Videofeedback gives the teacher a chance to prepare the feedback without any pressure of time caused by the time schedule and commentate precisely individual passages of the learning product. The students can view the video feedback as often as they need it.

The only precondition on the pupils site is, that they have to deliver their learning product in digital form (e.g. as doc-file, pdf, image, video via eMail or LMS). The teacher needs a software to make screen videos and to wear a headset or a microphone.

a very usable software is Jing produced by Techsmith. Jing is freeware and can be used on a Mac or a PC. In addition, Techsmith offers 2GB free online storage. To produce a feedback,you just need to open a learning product of the student on your computer screen and start Jing. You have five minutes of time to comment the work of the student and give recommendations for the further going on. When the video feedback is finished, you can load it up into the free storage of Techsmith. The url of the video will be saved in the temporary storage of your computer. You can paste this url into an eMail to the student, so it is assured, that only the student can see your feedback.

More ides how to use Jing in your work as a teacher you will find on the Homepage of Russel Stannard.

A German version of this article can be found on the pages of the Bavarian Realschule Network BRN

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