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Memory training practise continuation

Photosynthesis After the first tryout with Carl von Linne, and a promising first resultat, I moved along to the next field in biology and chose photosynthesis as next memory aspect. According to the author Mattias Ribbing, in his book Vägen till mästarminne: förändra ditt liv med kraftfull minnesträning (The road to a master memory), a student that pick his own pictures for memorypractise remembers it even better then a picture that is given to him. As I gave the students their first picture with Carl von Linne I now decided to let them create their own pictures for the photosynthesis. Of course some students have problems choosing or making pictures so I new I might have to support certain individuals. In general all students made pictures for all parts in the photosynthesis and also for the arrow/pointer between reactants and the products in the reaction. Mattias Ribbing also wrote about another training method than the Russian doll. He calls it the chain or link method. You start by memorising one picture. When you do add a new picture you link the it to the old one by adding a small picture of the old picture into the new. You memorise this new picture. When adding even more pictures you always add the last picture to the new one as a miniature. For some weeks we practised the memorisation of the pictures and the entire chain that became the photosynthesis. Sadly a lot of school activities interrupted and cancelled our classes. So the training wasn’t as regular and as thorough as the first time. After Christmas I had my first chance at testing their memory. I made questions about the photosynthesis and Carl von Linne. About 75% knew everything about Linne and surprisingly only 50% knew the photosynthesis. With this information I proceeded to do a couple of more lessons with memory training for the photosynthesis. To be continued…















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