Evidence-Based Learning at School

Final Brunch at Eva’s Cafe

On the last day of the second working visit all project members had a brunch at Eva’s Cafe. The first mayor of Geisenfeld, Christian Staudter, visited the project team to welcome them and to say some words about the city of Geisenfeld. He also explained, how important the development of school and teaching is. After that everybody enjoyed the delicious buffet. At the end of the brunch the Swedish colleagues started their trip home. All members said goodbye to each other and were looking forward to the next meeting at Sundsvall in April 2014.

Bürgermeister Christian Staudter überreicht ein Geschenk an die schwedische Schulentwicklungsmanagerin Eva Jönsson

Mayor Christian Staudter gives a present to the Swedish Head of School Development, Eva Jönsson

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