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Welcome Dinner in Leibersdorf

roasted duck with dumpling

Bavarian food (c) Hannes Philipp

The first day of the 1st working visit to Germany was finished off in the inn in Leibersdorf. A cosy, delicious working dinner at Randkofer’s inn was a fine opportunity for our Swedish guests to get familiarized with people and Bavarian food.

Enjoying some Bavarian delicacies and beers we were exchanging our first experiences and planning the further activities of both our Comenius teams. The relaxing atmosphere helped to deepen our beginning friendship and working relations that had been started in Sweden 3 months ago. Even at this early point of the visit it was clear, that it would end up in a very productive, trustful week on a very friendly basis. Lots of fertile discussions and results should be the outcome of this start.

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