Evidence-Based Learning at School
Teaching is about to embark on a revolution and, like medicine, abandon custom and practice, and fashion and fads to become evidence–based.
Geoff Petty Evidenced-based Teaching (2009), Nelson-Thornes

Project Description

All project partners saw the need to inform teachers on science-based pedagogy (including IT and communication technologies) through learning groups. In this way, the lifelong skill acquisition of instructors should be promoted and the quality of teaching should improve.

The project had the following primary goals:
• To put people from the regions of Sundsvall in Sweden and Upper Bavaria into contact with each other through personal meetings and online communication,
• To enable evidence-based learning,
• To develop a science-oriented approach to learning processes,
• To deepen the knowledge of all participants regarding current standards and goals of evidence-based learning and the European core competences.

Partner Organisations